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A.I.M. hired a woman named of Erika Benson (also known as Harness) to collect the energies that made up the body the reality warping mutant Proteus for the villainous group's use. Erika planned to do this using her son, Gilbert Benson (who Erika also called Piecemeal), a mutant child who could track, absorb, and store different kinds of energy. Erika forced Gilbert to collect Proteus' energy[1] even when he started swelling up uncontrollably.[2] Erika's mission was almost thwarted by the X-Force, New Warriors, Proteus' mother Moira MacTaggert, and a number of Moira's mutants from Muir Island. Their intervention failed, and Gilbert's body exploded, resulting in Proteus' and Gilbert's minds merging and the formation of a new Proteus entity.[3]

This new Proteus began reshaping Edinburgh, Scotland to his own whim. X-Factor attempted to stop Proteus but were soundly defeated and absorbed telepathically into the creature where they found nothingness. X-Factor then debated whether they should kill Proteus or try to help them. In the end, Moira convinced the new Proteus to halt his rampage and destroy himself by dispersing his energy body.[4]


Seemingly the same powers as Proteus. He also didn't have Proteus' weakness to metals.

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