Quote1 They want to give us a gift. The Progenitor. The first Celestial to ever visit the Earth. The one whose death gave birth to us all. They can't bring it back to life after so long, but... they don't want it to be buried anymore. It belongs in the sun. Shining like a beacon at the top of the world it helped forge. A beacon of hope. And of the wonders of life. And a warning about what'll happen... if anyone ever tries to stomp those out. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

According to Loki, the Progenitor was an Alpha Celestial who came to Earth four billion years ago after being infected by the Horde to die a sad and painful death. The Celestial's diseased body fluids seeped into the Earth and percolated through the planet's primeval surface, forever altering the Earth's evolutionary trajectory. Loki further claimed that this process constituted the primordial cause that gave rise to the mutations and superhuman abnormalities present in many of Earth's inhabitants.[3] The Progenitor's corpse laid unmoved within the Arctic Circle, and its resting place became the bottom of the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole.[2]

After Loki facilitated the arrival of the Final Host of Dark Celestials with the objective to purge the Earth,[4] he captured Captain America and took him to the Progenitor's resting place and told him its story.[2]

After the Final Host was defeated by the reformed Avengers,[5] the resurrected First Celestial Host brought forth the Progenitor from its watery grave and bestowed it upon the Avengers as a gift to serve as their new headquarters and a reminder of the wonders of life on Earth.[1]


Seemingly those of an average Celestial.

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