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Charles Francis Xavier had a dream, where mutants and humans lived together in perfect harmony and peace, as equals and used his family's fortune to found Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the X-Men, New Mutants, and even Generation X, to see this dream through. Losing the use of his legs, Xavier never let his weakness hold him back from his goals. Born with psychic abilities, he is arguably the most powerful telepath on the planet. Teaching his students to use their new found powers safely and with responsibility and, at times, going to extreme lengths to ensure his dream, Professor X has been viewed as a builder and destroyer of dreams. Professor X's long time friend and sometimes foe, Magneto, would see mutants rule over their oppressors, but, alongside his X-Men, Professor X strives to defend and protect the humans that would otherwise be targets.

At times leaving his students to grow on their own, Professor X finally stepped-down as leader and allowed his first X-Man, Cyclops, the leadership of the X-Men. With his new legs, Professor X would rather watch his students grown, but stands ready to aid.

Professor X was killed during the takeover of the Dark Phoenix over Scott, but a new telepath named Charles Xavier, his son, came from the future, ending up paraplegic as well as his grandfather after a fight with the X-Men.

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