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Professor Wagstaff

Professor Wagstaff was a drama teacher at the Lee School during the 1940s. He was obsessed with cavaliers of 17th Century France.

In 1948 he learned that Patricia Walker was selling off her fathers most famous painting the "Masked Cavalier" in a charity auction for the Lee School's athletics department. He began training a gang of thieves on how to sword fight one Saturday afternoon in his classroom. This fighting was overheard by Fred Davis Jr. who mistook the practice as an attack and came to Wagstaff's "rescue" as Bucky. But the gang managed to escape before anyone could be captured. Wagstaff was later questioned by Captain America and Bucky but offered them no answers and played dumb about the attack. Dressing up as the Masked Cavalier, Wagstaff and his men broke into the Walker residence and attempted to steal the painting but were confronted by Captain America and Bucky. The Masked Cavalier attempted to escape out a window but was tackled and knocked out by Captain America. He was unmasked as Wagstaff, and Patricia revealed that the painting he attempted to steal was a fake. Wagstaff and his men were then turned over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


When dressed as the Masked Cavalier, Wagstaff was armed with a fencing sword.

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