Professor Svengalie was a mad scientist who was active in the 1940s. From his secret lab with his two assistants he created six[1] nearly indestructible robots in the fall of 1944 in order to take over the entire world. He unleashed the robots to attack Keystone Bridge as his first show of power. The bridge was demolished and hundreds were killed in the attack. The army responded to the attack in force but found that none of their weapons had effect on the robots.

The Human Torch and Toro were called in to destroy the robots. When their flame powers also proved ineffectual against those, the pair followed robots back to their creator's hideout. There, the Torch and Toro attempted to apprehend Svengalie but were incapacitated by an electric trap of Svengalie's creation. He then had the two heroes placed in a large glass bowl to suffocate. The Torch and Toro managed to break free, destroyed control device of the robots and cleaned up professor's stooges. They confronted Svengalie and uring the fight, Svengalie doused Toro's flame with an alum bomb and then attempted to maim the boy with an axe. The Torch threw a fireball at Svengalie causing him to reel backward and fall into his own atom smasher, killing him upon impact. The army applauded the heros and Toro suggested that the robots should be donated to scrap drive.[2]


Svengalie had an atom smasher for his scientific experiments, various monitoring equipment and a telescope.


Professor Svengali's Robots

Svengalie's robots.

Svengalie was personally armed with alum bombs that could instantly douse flames, and used an axe. He commanded six massive humanoid robots. These robots were impervious to conventional firearms, explosives and the heat generated by the Human Torch and Toro. The exact extent of the robots's durability is unexplored.

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