Professor Kilgory was a puppeteer and thief who was active in the Atlantic City area during the 1940s. In 1945 he had a fairly popular puppet show in the area, his most popular attraction being Percy the Puppet. Unknown to all, Percy was not really a puppet but a man with dwarfism that helped Kilgory commit his crimes.

One night they murdered a wealthy woman staying at a hotel to steal her jewels. Percy gained entrance and escape through the woman's window. Staying in the hotel, the Human Torch and Toro, who came to the woman's room after hearing her scream. Thinking that the killer escaped to the roof, the Human Torch and Toro went there and were knocked out by Professor Kilgory.

Percy the Puppet (Earth-616)

Percy the Puppet

Waking up, the Torch and Toro hear a man scream and find that the murdered man was in the room directly above the woman's room. When Kilgory entered the room and asked the Torch what he can do, the Torch told Kilgory to call the police. Instead, Kilgory returned to his room and began packing his things in an attempt to flee. Having suspected Kilgory, the Torch and Toro attack him and fend off both Kilgory and Percy and then turn them over to the police. [1]



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