Professor Ford developed a Molecular Converter device, which was used by the Yellow Claw to shrink a team of assassins and create The Microscopic Army.

Later, Professor Ford set about to rule mankind. The fledgling Iron Man (still in his first gray-colored armor) crashed into his private laboratory, jammed the firing mechanism of his shrinking ray with electrical interference and then smashed the device. Professor Ford was then apparently turned over to the police[1].


Professor Ford is an inventive genius.


Shrinking Ray - Professor Ford built a "Shrinking Ray" machine which could presumably reduce the physical size of people and objects; however it is unknown if this device really functioned as it was never actually shown to work.

  • Although unnamed in this story, this character is assumed to be the same Professor Ford who developed the Molecular Converter device was used by the Yellow Claw in Yellow Claw #3. Professor Ford did not appear in that story, his name was only mentioned.
  • A "Molecular Condenser" ray was seen in Daredevil #8; perhaps this device was based on the confiscated wreckage of Professor Ford's Shrinking Ray device.

List of Appearances:

  • Professor Ford's two story-panel appearance gives him one of the shortest super-villain careers on record.

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