Professor Dorn lived on a secluded property in a small town in the state of Oregon. There he would experiment on humans to create a race of amphibians. With the aid of his assistant Ramon Valerez and the beauteous Mona Lake (both mental institute escapees) he would conduct his experiments in relative seclusion. When the Sub-Mariner would pass through the area on his way back to the Pacific ocean, he would be spotted by Dorn. Dorn, would fear that the Sub-Mariner would ruin his plans and would flee, serving only to rouse the Atlantean monarchs curiosity.

When Namor would go to pay a visit on the doctor, he would be tricked into leaving his guard down when invited in by Mona. Dorn would drug food given to Namor and then dump him a tank of water. When the Sub-Mariner would revive, he would force Namor to fight his artificially created amphibious men(escaped convicts). Namor would be beaten into submission and Dorn would then take his body to experiment on.

Namor would revive and fight his way free. In the ensuing clash, he would knock Professor Dorn away, sending him falling down a flight of stairs to a neck breaking death. Namor would then flee the scene with Mona before on of Dorn's weapons could overload and explode, destroying his headquarters and killing his other minions.


Professor Dorn was a brilliant scientist and inventor. He developed a process to make human beings able to breath under water. He also invented various ray devices (Yellow Ray/Anaesthetizing Ray) that would weaken it's targets and a Vivid Ray (green light) that hypnotizes people and restores them to normal like the Ringmaster's Hat [Amazing spider-Man vol.1#16(9/64)].


Anaesthetizing Ray (Yellow Ray) and Vivid Ray (green light--hypnotic ray).

There were 5 Psuedo-Sub-Mariners (Black John named on page 7 panel 2) seen:(Page 8 panels 3 to 4)one was knocked unconscious and (on panels 5 to 7) 4 others attacked Namor.

Namor calls Professor Dorn's amphibians Psuedo-Sub-Mariners (page 8 panel 4) and Mona Lake (page 12 panel 6) also calls them Sub-Mariners (Timely's name for Atlanteans).

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