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Donaire's Brain

Professor Donaire was an elderly scientist seeking a means to prolong his life. Setting up a lab in Fiery Mountain -- a mountain so named due to the fact it was illuminated by cosmic rays from space -- to conduct experiments to implant his brain into a new body. He would kidnap a series of young and vital men for his experiments. However those who did not muster his scrutiny had their heads bashed open and bodies dumped outside of his mountain estate.

His activities would attract the attention of the Angel, who superb physique would make him an ideal candidate for Donaire's transplant. Luring the hero into his castle, he would attempt to have his hunch-backed minion Karlos attempt to knock the hero out. Avoiding this, the Angel would confront Donaire and learn of his plot. With his most recent victims enthralled, Donaire would order them to attack the Angel.

The Angel would be able to fight them off and a frustrated Donaire would attempt to slay the Angel by tossing a vial of chemicals at him. The vial would miss and cause a massive fire. Donaire's brain would be caught in the blaze and he would in desperation attempt to save it. As the Angel would escape, Donaire's hideout would explode, killing the mad scientist.


Donaire had the ability to control his body remotely even though his brain was removed, he also had full control over his intended test subjects able to manipulate their bodies by his command. It is unrevealed if this was done so by some mechanical device or through some mutation that Donaire's brain underwent when it was removed from his body.


Donaire was a brilliant scientist who perfected a method of removing his brain from his body, yet still be able to operate his frail form remotely, and supposedly had the skill to have his brain transplanted into another body.


Donaire invented a ray that was powered by cosmic rays that could immobilize anyone it was trained on.

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