Proctidae is the ex-wife of Opistho is an officer in Atlantis' military posted in Latveria, and they have had a child together, Crosta. During their divorce, she managed to obtain the custody of Crosta, as the judge thought that a military camp wasn't a right place for a child.

When Namor's order that all Atlantean's join sleeper cells in human society, she didn't obey, as Crosta developed mutant abilities. Proctidae kept them secret, unwilling to let the army take her son and turn him as a weapon.

After Opistho discovered that his ex-wife had disobeyed, Proctidae brought the affair to the attention of their King Namor in order to keep the boy, as Opistho engaged a paternity suit, to regain custody of their child, and let him join the army.

For her disobedience and because she kept this secret, endangering her son, she was blamed by Namor, who sent Crosta to the X-Men, in order to learn how to use his powers.

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