Coming from a prosperous family, Priscilla Morrison nevertheless turned to a life of crime, becoming a drug dealer, along with her boyfriend Tommy. However, their activities brought them to the attention of three former World War II superheroes turned vigilantes, Crimson Commando, Super Sabre, and Stonewall, who captured and then hunted down criminals in Adirondack State Park for sport, and to help rid society of undesirables.

The trio first hunted down and killed Tommy, while Priscilla was kept prisoner in the cellar of their hunting lodge. While Priscilla was still a prisoner, the trio also captured the X-Man Storm, suspecting her of being a looter, though actually she had been investigating an arson fire when they captured her. The trio of ex-heroes released Storm and Priscilla into the wilderness at the same time, with Storm pointing out she was not a criminal, though she knew they would not release her, knowing what she knew.

The two women were given a head start, with the more skilled and fit Storm keeping them safe, although she disapproved of Priscilla's crimes. When Storm rigged up a trap to kill Super Sabre, however, the morally corrupt Priscilla was disgusted that Storm decided at the last moment not to use it. Coming upon some campers in an RV, Priscilla killed them and took their handgun, threatening to kill Storm with it. Priscilla was killed, however, by the Crimson Commando before she could.

Strength level

Priscilla possessed the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build.

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