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Little is known of Prior Turrin, before becoming a member of the Clan Rebellion. Roughly in the late 37th-early 39th century, Apocalypse ascended to power and ruled much of North America unchallenged, for 100 years, where humans and whoever else resistant to his rule could be killed at any moment. After Apocalypse destroyed the Clan Askani, a religious group of freedom fighters, Turrin joined the Clan Rebellion, an Askani-inspired team of freedom fighters.

Turrin lived in Crestcoast and aided Slym, Redd, and Nathan Dayspring in entering the city. After the Clan Rebellion performed many many nocturnal raids, Turrin and Redd went on what should have been the final raid of Apocalypse's Citadel. Turrin's mind was fried by Ch'vayre, who said that he would aid Redd in stopping Apocalypse.[1]

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