Not much is known about Prince Omei, if he truly was a prince, his nationality is unknown. Residing in the United States during the 1940's, Omei fancied himself a crime boss and would use his hypnotic powers to enthrall Professor Philo Zog in order to exploit his robot Electro to commit crimes. With Zog under his control, Omei would force other mobsters to be his loyal servants and then send Electro to commit robberies on his behalf.

Growing increasingly paranoid, Omei would send Electro to Zog's lab to destroy it for fears that the government would use Zog's plans to construct another robot. Zog would snap out of Omei's control and attempt to attack him. Omei would wing Zog and tie him up in order to kill him. However, Omei would be distracted when his own minions would turn on him.

Zog would use his miniature controls to summon Electro back to Omei's base and the robot would shield Zog when Omei -- having completely lost his mind -- would set off a bomb killing himself and his back stabbing minions.


Prince Omei was a hypnotist that could control people upon making eye contact. Those enthralled by his hypnosis would follow his commands. However, it would appear that actions that would be personally damaging to his slaves would cause them to snap out of his control. The limitations of Omei's hypnotic powers appears to be that he can only control one person at a time since he was unable to use his hypnotic powers against his minions while in control of Professor Zog.

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