Following the events of the superhero Civil War, the Fifty State Initiative was established, with the aim of putting a minimum of one superteam in each US state. The state of Kentucky was assigned Team Number 15, otherwise known as the Action Pack.

Little is known of the Action Pack, other than that they appear to be based in a recently constructed skyscraper in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Their headquarters was still unfinished at the time of Avengers: The Initiative #7, and when Justice and Cloud 9 teleported into the team's base, their portal to the superhuman prison '42' had only recently become active.

Subsequently, the Action Pack's only known altercation came following Justice's arrival, in which he used his telekinetic abilities to temporarily disable the team, so as to avoid questions about his and Cloud 9's search for MVP.

Prima was seen arguing with Frog-Man over working and was carrying a heavy machine.


The full extent of her powers are unknown, but she's shown an undefined level of super-strength.

Strength level

  • Superhuman Attributes
  • Superhuman Strength

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