Arizona Annie (Earth-616) and Pretty Face Grimes (Earth-616) from Wild Western Vol 1 3 0001

Pretty Face unmasked.

Pretty Face Grimes was a wanted outlaw who was active during the days of the American frontier. When he became a wanted outlaw and the heat became too strong, he used his feminine features to disguise himself as a woman and led his gang on more robberies of local towns. Because of this, Arizona Annie and her boyfriend Slim Smith were accused of being members of the gang (Annie being mistaken for their leader) and arrested.

Pretty Face and his gang robbed the town that night. Witnessing this, Annie broke out of her cell and followed after them. Captured by the gang, Annie offered to join them. Amused, Pretty Face allowed it and offered her a cigarette. Before Pretty Face could reveal his secret, Annie deduced it by the "unwomanly" way she was offered the smoke and tossed dirt in Grimes' face. Gunning down Pretty Face's men, Annie then brought Pretty Face back into town and unmasked him before the sheriff. With Pretty Face arrested, Annie and Slim's names were cleared and they soon left town.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Pretty Face carried a pair of guns.

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