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Power Pack Vol 1 15


Power Pack Vol 1 15

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Quote1 The Lion of Asgard shall thrill to see the Golden Realm, my friends ... yet there are some Earthly delights I would savor yet again before we are gone! Quote2
-- Volstagg

Appearing in "Reckoning"Edit

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Synopsis for "Reckoning"Edit

Julie is still upset about being accused of cheating. Jack, being his typical insensitive self, goads Julie until she flies out the window. The other three wait to help Alex finish adding wings to his costume. Then they go to find her.

Meanwhile, the Asgardians are returning home from Earth. Julie thinks about sneaking into Asgard with them but Carmody sneaks up on her instead. Carmody misses his attack and gets the attention of Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg instead. These three Asgardians mostly just observe as Carmody and the kids get into another fight. But in the end, Hogun catches Carmody and tells him that Thor will be alerted and these kids will have Asgardians watching out for them.

The Asgardians leave and Julie talks to her dad about how she wasn't cheating. Also during this issue, Franklin Richards has a "special dream" about a Kymellians who's ship is shot down by a Snark near the Statue of Liberty.

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