Doctor Doom designed this imprisonment device for very strong immates. The prisoner's wrists, ankles, shoulders and neck were strapped in metallic shackles, with a great horizontal bar pushing his lower back forward unconfortably. When the prisoner tried to release himself (or herself) through brute strength, the machine does not only not falter, but increases the strength to retain the prisoner.[1]

Doom once used the Compressor on a bound Thing. He had also captured her teammates of the Fantastic Four, placing it on a specialized cage - the Human Torch in a Liquid Prison and Invisible Girl on a Power Dampener while Mr. Fantastic went on a dangerous mission for Doom's purposes. Doom meanwhile explained the Thing and his other hostages his plot to abdicate in favour of his supposed son, commemorating the event with a statue of himself for the United Nations. While he went on, he and the Fantastic Four could see through a monitor how Mr. Fantastic fell to his supposed death; and not even the shock of her husband's death was enough for the Invisible Girl to overcome the restriction of the dampener.[1]

Doom later replaced the Compressor on the Thing with an Electronic Shackle to take him to a Power Transference Machine.[2]


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