The Power Comics line was comprized of five titles (Smash!, Wham!, Pow!, Fantastic and Terrific) published in Britain by Odhams between 1966 and 1971 (the longest running title, Smash! ended its run being published by IPC following that company's absorbing Odhams). The Power Comics titles and their associated Annuals all featured a mix of UK originated material and licensed Marvel reprints, with Fantastic and Terrific in particular being primarily Marvel in content. The Power Comics line were all edited and otherwise run by three individuals for much of their existence; Alf Wallace, Bob Bartholomew and Albert Cosser, collectively known as "the Gang in the Garrett". Four of the titles were cancelled before 1969, with all Marvel content being removed from the remaining title, Smash! from March 15th 1969, but the short lived successof the Power Comics ultimately led to Marvel creating Marvel UK as a British outlet, initially dedicated primarily to reprint titles.

While 'Alf', 'Bart' and 'Cos' clearly based their editorial style heavily on that of Stan Lee, in the early isues Marvel's contribution to the Power Comics line was barely acknowledged. This was rectified as more Marvel reprints began to appear, however. Several issues carried full colour pin-ups of various Marvel characters on the back covers, drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith. Notably, Smash! #38 contained a one-off Hulk strip which was the first British originated strip ever to feature a Marvel character.