An eccentric physicist named Price, after ingesting hallucinogens became obsessed with Ragnarök, and what humanity would be like after the world ending in fire. So he created the Worldengine, which tricked Yggdrasill into believing Ragnarök had already occurred, and began created a new race of humans.

"Nursed on nothing but the morning dew" according to Price. The Post-Ragnarök humans were gestated in sap-filled boughs that grew on Yggdrasil's branches. They were designed to exist in an environment filled with ash, in which they would "eat". Unfortunately, because this atmosphere didn't actually exist, they all began starving to death only moments after being born.


Atmosphere: Post-Ragnarök humans were created to live in an environment devoid of organic life destroyed by fire, so their atmosphere would be full of atomized carbon-based life, on which they would feed.
Population: A dozen or so

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