Not much has been revealed about the history and origin of the villain known as Positron. Presumably she has had a long criminal career, including some form of relationship with the villain Blackjack before he became a hero. Her first recorded activities include accepting a mercenary job to sabotage the 1963 moon landing. The plot was masterminded by the alien Skrulls, who hoped to subjugate Earth at some point, and brought Positron and the other mercenaries to the moon via their own spaceship, where the group was confronted by the hero team known as the First Line. Positron and the aliens were defeated, and she was remanded into custody.[1]

Years later, under unrevealed circumstances, Positron appeared as a member of the First Line after it went underground in the late 70's. She reestablished her relationship with Blackjack, with the two becoming romantically involved.[2]

Later, Positron was among the members of the First Line in its final mission, defending Earth against an invasion by the alien Skrulls. Positron was killed during the battle.[3]


Positron possessed twin power packs, worn on her legs, which provided her with the power to emit powerful blasts of energy.

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