Poll was conducted from 5/13/09 till 5/28/09
910 people voted!!!


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For those fans that saw the movie and felt one way or the other about Deadpool's character, this poll was for you. Our results showed that those people that felt there was something wrong with the character, the most annoying thing was that his mouth was sewn shut. In the comics it seems that the majority of readers thought that the mouth on this merc', made his character. This poll seems to agree with over 56% of the overall vote. Second most annoying this about the Deadpool in the movie was his extensive supply of mutant powers. Over 21% of you thought this was the most annoying thing. With only 21 votes saying nothing was wrong with the character, this poll clearly showed some discontent toward Deadpool's on-screen debut.

A final analysis shows it will be safe to say that there should probably be a few changes to the character's look/feel in any future movies. That is, if they would like to keep some of the users on this site satisfied.