Plastelongatic Man [sic.] was a member of the Just-A-League, a team of superheroes mostly interesting in having a good time.[1]

Plastelongatic Man was near the Fantastical Four headquarters when Weed Witchards exposed Rex Ruthless as the villain manipulating the events so that the Fantastical Four seemed to be bankrupted[2]

Later, when the League had auditions for new members, Plastelongatic Man was fascinated by the gorgeous Ivory; he even chased her along with some of his teammates.[1]

Following a false call, the League entered a warehouse and mistakenly fought other super-team, the Revengers. Plastelongatic Man fought Mr. Fantastical, who had similar powers, in a literal mess of a melee. Fantastical punched him and knocked him down, sending his head far away thanks to the long neck.[1]

Later, Obnoxio the Clown created a wax museum of super-heroes, including a mannekin representing Plastelongatic Man. However, due to the actions of some villains, his mannekins came to life and Plastelongatic Man's figure fought and discussed with Mr. Fantastical's one. Obnoxio managed to revert the process so that the mannekins became lifeless again.[3]


Stretching his body, he can extend his neck like a snake.[1][2][3] He may have more powers, or more uses of this power, but he has not shown them in comic-books yet.



This character is a clear reference to DC Comics' Plastic Man.

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