The Planetary Defense Shield was originally conceived and created by the Red Ghost after discovering that harvesting a Chitauri queen on Earth would cause the Chitauri to invade Earth and so devised the shield as a way to protect the planet from such an invasion.[2]

Red Ghost's designs later somehow ended up in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database. When S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill found herself indicted for trial and facing potential discharge from her position, she asked a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists to review all of the organization's red file proposals until they discovered something that, if presented by her, could absolve her from trial and potential punishment. The scientists found Red Ghost's designs, and Hill found interest in the idea of a planetary force field, particularly in light of the recent superhuman civil war, which started due to Thanos' arrival on Earth, and a looming Chitauri Wave invasion.

During her trial, Hill presented the idea of the Planetary Defense Shield, hoping it could turn the tribunal in her favor, claiming it could represent bad publicity for S.H.I.E.L.D. if she let out that they passed the opportunity to create such a defense measure against invaders as a consequence of her deposition.[1] When the tribunal refused to play along with Hill, she fled from the Helicarrier with the plans for the Shield, and gave them to Captain Marvel of the Alpha Flight space initiative.[3]

Planetary Defense Shield from Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 1 11 001

The shield's generator under construction.

Captain Marvel later personally endorsed the creation of the Shield to the President of the United States, requesting complete autonomy in its implementation,[4] but delayed application when an alien refugee situation presented itself on Earth, out of fear that the Shield would cause innocent aliens to become trapped outside.[5] In spite of the potential postponed activation, construction of the Shield's generator began after Senate Majority Leader Townes helped garner support in Congress, and with the help of Governor Hartnett, Alpha Flight secured a site in Michigan.[6]

As the Chitauri were preparing to invade Earth, a Hydra suicide bomber blew himself up and damaged the Planetary Defense Shield.[7] Ironheart and the third A.I. of Iron Man were tasked with fixing the Shield before the Chitauri attacked Earth. Suddenly, the Shield activated on its own, much to Ironheart's and the A.I.'s surprise. They realized that the suicide bombing was only a distraction to make it look like the Shield was damaged so some outside source could activate it to stop the Chitauri invasion and trap the heroes up in Earth Orbit that were holding off the invasion.[2] What Ironheart and the A.I. did not know was that Steve Rogers was a secret Hydra agent and had tricked his friend Rick Jones into giving him the codes needed to control the Shield so he could set up his trap.[7]


In theory, the Planetary Defense Shield is a truly impenetrable force field surrounding the Earth, and more powerful than those created by beings like Sue Storm, Magneto, or Graviton by an order of thousands, making it the strongest protective shielding ever invented. It also permeates everything below itself with gray matter particles that intercept any portal openings used by teleporters.

The shield would also act as a conductor capable of channeling energy applied into it, redistributing the excess back into space and re-purposing the remaining.[1]


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