20th Century

In 1941, a tank factory was the target of Nazi spy N-4. Her attempts to sabotage the factory were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro[1]

Modern Age

At some time during the peak of the mutant population, a school shooting happened at Bethlehem High School, performed by a young man who used to be bullied, Jared. The two victims were Jared's friend Kate Cooke and one of his tormentors, Duncan Sebast who revealed to be a mutant[2].

Other realities

Pittsburgh Earth-9047

Pittsburgh (Earth-9047)


In Earth-9047, Doctor Deranged reached Pittsburgh when looking for a real-looking place. He found that Pittsburgh had real-looking buildings and people, and looked like the world across his window, unlike the reality he had just visited, AC Universe.[3] However, Deranged eventually returned to his previous abode, apparently leaving Pittsburgh for good.[4]

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