Quote1 I call forth the Power of the Plains! To ride herd on you! Quote2
-- Pioneer

Pioneer was a member of The Harvesters, a super-team based in Kansas.

When a Zombie Hyperion began eating his way across the state, The Harvesters attempted to stop him and were ultimately defeated.

Pioneer called forth the "Power of the Plains", animating the skeletons of the cows Hyperion had just eaten, and causing them to trample him in a stampede. After he had finished killing the rest of her team, Hyperion started making his way to her to kill and eat her when he collapsed. She determined that he had contracted a case of Mad Cow Disease from eating the tainted beef and his body processed the disease much faster because of his superhuman metabolism. She determined all of this by smelling his body.


Pioneer was able to tap into the "Power of the Plains", which in one instance allowed her to animate and control animals which had died there.

She also had an acute sense of smell, noting that some nearby dead cows were tainted with Mad Cow Disease, and that Hyperion had contracted it by eating them.

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