Nothing is known about Pillar, save that he was a member of the Neo's Guardian Clan who retained his powers after the Decimation when many other did not. Hearing of the birth of the Messiah-child, the Clan leader, Stare, led the powered members of the Clan in an attack on the X-Men in hopes of receiving answers.

Pillar fought with an airborne Storm, Archangel, and Sub-Mariner on the beach of Utopia, managing to defeat the Sub-Mariner. However, the Evolutionaries arrived and declared the Neo a genetic dead end. When Stare attacked the lead Evolutionary, the Evolutionary destroyed the entire Guardian Clan from the inside out with a thought, and the rest of the planet's Neo population soon followed.


  • Size Alteration: Pillar was able to increase his size to colossal levels
  • Superhuman Strength: When Pillar grows he is granted superhuman strength enough to easily defeat the Sub-Mariner.
  • Rock Body: His skin appeared to be made of stone or some similar material.

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