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Modern-Age, Phoenix Resurrection Genesis Vol 1, Bob Harras/Editor-in-Chief, Bryan Hitch/Cover Artist, Paul Neary/Cover Artist, Ian Edginton/Writer, Dan Abnett/Writer, Darick Robertson/Penciler, Mark Pacella/Penciler, Greg Luzniak/Penciler, Rob Haynes/Penciler, Tom Wegrzyn/Inker, Arthur Edward Thibert/Inker, Lary Stucker/Inker, Bob Wiacek/Inker, Philip Moy/Inker, Robert Alvord/Colourist, Malibu Color/Colourist, Vickie Williams/Letterer, Hank Kanalz/Editor, Scott Bernstein/Editor, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Quotes, Phoenix Force (Earth-616)/Appearances, X-Men (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Henry McCoy (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lucas Bishop (Earth-1191)/Appearances, Jubilation Lee (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sean Cassidy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ultraforce (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Kevin Green (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Cromwell (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Dane Whitman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jonathan Martin (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Topaz (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Robert Campbell (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Exiles (Warstrike) (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Amber Hunt (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Cain Marko (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gateway (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Domingo (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Lauren Sherwood (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Alternate (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Nanotech Mechanized Entity (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Rex Mundi (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Gun Nut (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Quattro (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Gate (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Book (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Death Dance (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Meathook (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Squadron Supreme (Earth-712)/Appearances, Mark Milton (Earth-712)/Appearances, Zarda Shelton (Earth-712)/Appearances, Stanley Stewart (Earth-712)/Appearances, Joseph Ledger (Earth-712)/Appearances, Rose Autumn (Earth-95431)/Appearances, Scott Summers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jean Grey (Earth-616)/Appearances, Charles Xavier (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lilandra Neramani (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kallark (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rachel Summers (Earth-811)/Appearances, Solution (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Lela Cho (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Vurk (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Troy Wilde (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Aera (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Tom Hawke (Earth-93060)/Mentions, Strangers (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Elena la Brava (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Hugh Fox (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Leon Balford (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Freex (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Lewis Phillips (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Ray Golic (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Valerie Sharp (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Frank Hoag (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Nicholas Lone (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Thanasi (Earth-93060)/Appearances, Tom Hawke (Earth-95431)/Appearances, Earth-616/Appearances, Massachusetts Academy/Appearances, Massachusetts/Appearances, Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility/Appearances, New York/Appearances, Earth-93060/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, San Francisco/Appearances, California/Appearances, Bermuda/Appearances, Headless Cross/Appearances, Arkansas/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Photon Sword/Appearances, X-Men Blackbird/Appearances

Phoenix Resurrection Genesis Vol 1 1


Phoenix Resurrection Genesis Vol 1 1

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Quote1 It's just a steroid-packed Punk who tried to bag us! I say the lunk's expendable! Quote2
-- Wolverine

Appearing in "Genesis"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Rex Mundi
  • Gun Nut (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
  • Quattro (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
    • Gate (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
    • Book (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
    • Death Dance (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)
    • Meathook (Appears on a Computer Screen, TV or Hologram Only)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Genesis"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.

  • Bernstein is credited as Assistant Editor, special thanks given to Bob Harras and Ben Raab

  • Several months after Black September, the Alternate's memory gap is the first indication that Hardcase has been wiped from people's memories.

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