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Bazin was a crimelord who clashed with Darkhawk several times. He had bribed Darkhawk's father and was responsible for the creation of the villain Lodestone.


Bazin was a skilled fighter.



Frankie (Bazin) (Earth-616)

Frankie (Bazin) (Earth-616)


Frankie was a long time affiliate of Bazin's. He sided with Nico to stalk Bloodshed, but he was eventually defeated by Spider-Man[1].

Nico (Earth-616)

Nico (Earth-616)


Nico was a lieutenant of Bazin's, a quiet looking guy at first glance, but underneath his pretty boy exterior, he was a hundred percent snake. Me made several attempts to end Bloodshed's life before he could testify against them. When he and Spider-Man fought Nico's men at his base, Nico escaped and blew the building up[1].

Stone (Bazin) (Earth-616)

Stone (Earth-616)


Stone and other gang members attacked the police unmarked armored van used to transport Bloodshed, but they were eventually defeated by Spider-Man[1].

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