Phillip Durant was the boyfriend of Fu Manchu's daughter Fah Lo Suee. To get revenge on his daughter, Fu Manchu had Phillip mentally reprogrammed with the thought patterns of Jack the Ripper.

Some years afterwards, Phillip began copying the Ripper by murdering women in the Whitechapel area of London. He soon clashed with Shang Chi, Leiko Wu and Clive Reston, and was overpowered by Shang Chi. Fah Lo Suee intervened, hoping she could restore Phillip to himself, but he attacked her and she shot him, killing him


Durant was treated with an elixir that extended his lifespan and increased his durability.


Durant was reprogrammed with the insanity of Jack the Ripper, and felt a psychological compulsion to kill women.

Enemy of Shang-Chi

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