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Phillip in his "Demon of the Deep" costume

Phillip Blackwood was a wealthy yacht owner that operated in the South-Sea of China during the 1940s. He would cause one of his cousin's boats, carrying a load of pearls, to sink in the hopes of getting salvage rights to the cache of pearls.

However, he would have to frighten off competition from American diver Dave Dean and Chinese salvager Wing Po. To this end, he would create a demonic looking diving suit and dive down into the wreck to ward off those who would seek to salvage the pearls. He would gain a reputation of "Demon of the Deep". Encountering Dave Dean underwater, Phillip would cut his air hose, forcing him to rush up to the surface and be stricken with the bends.

While Dean would go to blame Wing Po for the attack, Phillip would go down once again as the the "Demon of the Deep" and slay one of Po's divers. Going down to investigate further, Dean would manage to knock out the "Demon" and bring him to the surface, revealing him as Phillip Blackwood. Phillip would be taken to the authorities to stand for his crimes.[1]

His fate is unrevealed.




Phillip Blackwood utilized a diving suit that resembled an undersea demon that had a humanoid form and was influenced by ancient Chinese artwork. It was advanced for it's time as it appeared to contain it's own independent oxygen supply and allow a diver to operate a deep sea lengths without the added water pressure protection that was common on the bulky deep sea diving suits of the time.


When underwater as the "Demon of the Deep" Phillip was armed with a knife.

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