Phelch was a member of an ancient race of sentient vegetables. Overcoming the limits of their roots, the vegetables evolved into space-spanning overachievers. Unfortunately, they met their doom when in their vanity, they failed to pick themselves at the first cosmic frost. Phelch, in the form of a turnip, was the sole survivor and wandered the trackless void of space for eons, searching for a more efficient body to frame its superior intellect and incomparable power. Phelch eventually crash-landed on Earth, in Cleveland, Ohio where, although the bulk of it was burnt up in the atmosphere, it encountered Arthur Winslow.

Phelch convinced Winslow to allow a merger, enabling him to become the super-hero he'd always wanted to be. As Turnip-Man he saved the lives of a bus load of people whose bus had driven off of a bridge as a result of a scuffle between Howard the Duck and the Kidney Lady.

When Winslow's friend and room mate, Beverly Switzler recognized him, Phelch took over their combined form in order to experience physical pleasure. The Space Turnip grabbed Beverly and took her to Sunset Slope. Howard, following advice from the Kidney Lady, tracked them and confronted the Space Turnip in battle. Howard, figuring "the brains are in the greens," tore the leaves and stem from Turnip-Man. The Space Turnip pulled Howard high into the air planning to drop and crush him, but Howard succeeded in manoeuvring it too close to a smokestack, where it was destroyed.[1]

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