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The Phalanx are an evil alien race, off-shoot of the Technarchy,[1] and bent on world conquering. They once tried to invade Earth but were eventually opposed by the X-Men.[2]

They were later seen trying to destroy Shi'ar airspace and badly damaged the civilization, but they were once again opposed, this time by a space-traveling X-Men team. [3]

Afterward, the Phalanx weren't heard of for quite some time, until after the Annihilation wave struck the entire galaxy. The Phalanx tried to begin where Annihilus left off, and were soaring through space once again, opposing several heroes in their path. They chose Avengers villain Ultron as their new leader.[4]

Alternate Realities


Phalanx (Race) (Earth-928) 2099 World of Tomorrow Vol 1 2

Phalanx 2099

The Phalanx is mentioned for being at war with the Earth in the past.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Able to assimilate any organic being to strengthen their own.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Type of Government: Governed by Ultron
Representatives: Harvest. Vokech


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