The Phalanx are an evil alien race, off-shoot of the Technarchy,[1] and bent on world conquering. The new Phalanx assimilated a number of people, including loved ones of the X-Men, while clashing with the X-Men at various times. The Phalanx, however, soon developed its own collective intelligence, greater than the sum of its parts. Realizing this, the Phalanx assimilated Cameron Hodge and he became the overseer of the group, while Steven Lang later revealed that the Phalanx was designed by his scientists to be an upgraded version of the sentinels as a means to destroy mutants, however the Phalanx evolved into targeting human's as well. Because they were unable to absorb mutants, they kidnapped the X-Men in an attempt to decipher their DNA or else eradicate them. Professor X recruited the X-Force, Excalibur, and X-Factor, to stop them, along with Banshee, Emma Frost, and Sabretooth, rescuing what would become the mutant team of Generation X. Later, they tried to contact the Phalanx collective in deep space, but they were stopped by Cannonball, Wolfsbane, and a Phalanx version of Doug Ramsey. The Phalanx spread themselves all throughout the earth, establishing colonies. Although partially a Phalanx himself, Steven Lang proved to be their downfall as he eventually betrayed them in favor of humanity. A big part of their defeat was due to life sacrifices from Blink, and Doug Ramsey by self destructing. The Phalanx of earth all died from having their power source drained and then unleashed upon them, however more Phalanx remained in outer space.[2] [3]

They were later seen trying to destroy Shi'ar airspace and badly damaged the civilization, but they were once again opposed, this time by a space-traveling X-Men team. [4]

Afterward, the Phalanx weren't heard of for quite some time, until after the Annihilation wave struck the entire galaxy. The Phalanx tried to begin where Annihilus left off, and were soaring through space once again, opposing several heroes in their path. They chose Avengers villain Ultron as their new leader.[5]

Alternate Realities


Phalanx (Race) (Earth-928) 2099 World of Tomorrow Vol 1 2

Phalanx 2099

The Phalanx is mentioned for being at war with the Earth in the past.[6]


In the reality of Earth-92131, the Phalanx is not a separate race created by the Transmode Virus of the Technarchy, but instead an assimilative techno-organic species that functionally takes the Technarchy's place in that dimension. They feature in the two-part episode "The Phalanx Covenant", in which Warlock (Earth-92131) and Life Mate (Earth-92131) inadvertently lead the Phalanx to Eartrh, resulting in the Phalanx's attempt to assimilate the planet into their empire. With the help of the X-Men, the Phalanx are driven back, and the two rogue Phalanx choose to return to Phalanx space to try and free the rest of their species from the tyranny of the collective.

Powers and Abilities


Able to assimilate any organic being to strengthen their own.


Type of Government: Governed by Ultron
Representatives: Harvest. Vokech

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