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Quote1 Morning. We're MI-13, and we haven't had our breakfast. Quote2
-- Pete Wisdom src

Early Life

Peter Wisdom was born and raised in London, England. He was son of DCI Harold Wisdom of New Scotland Yard. His mother was killed by serial killer Michael Robert Ryan while waiting for Pete, but he did not arrive due to an argument. After that he blamed himself for her death In his teen he learned that he was a mutant with the ability to produce hot knives from his fingers. [citation needed]

The Factory

He allegedly served in a covert unit called the Factory. The Factory's mission was "data extraction" from "genetic anomalies" -- capturing and experimenting on mutants. In the service of the Factory, Wisdom perpetrated crimes against mutant-kind, until the job proved too much for him and he tried to quit. Instead, the Factory incarcerated, interrogated, and tortured him, until he had a psychotic breakdown and was catatonic for six months while his sister Romany took care of him. However, the only source for these events is Romany, who may have been lying, as it does not fit with Pete's work for Black Air When he recovered, he began a secret crusade to atone for his actions, and over his years in British intelligence he secretly assembled an extensive archive of classified information about the people, groups and governments that committed crimes against mutant-kind. By the time he quit Black Air, he had documents on more than 300 cases.[citation needed]


When he was young and the pride of MI-6, Wisdom was in love with a girl named Sari St. Hubbins. Wisdom was zooming up the ranks, and he promised Sari he wouldn't let work get in the way of their relationship.[citation needed]

Black Air

He joined Black Air, even though Sari hated them. Later Sari, an assassin, was contracted to assassinate the Queen and was shocked when Wisdom turned her in to Black Air when she failed. Wisdom did it because he cared for her, and because he hoped she would get better in rehab. During his time in Black Air, Wisdom saw and did unspeakable things. Black Air sent him to New York City to steal the beating heart of an immortal that a doomsday cult was worshiping; though he expected their 'church' to be deserted when he broke in, he discovered the entire cult, even their animals, poisoned by their own hands and dead for days. When terrorists seized a strange medieval fortress on British soil in Antarctica, Cold Grey, Wisdom was sent in, and killed the entire terrorist group, even though he knew they were family men.[citation needed]


Wisdom became involved with Excalibur at the prompting of Black Air due to a link between Brian Braddock's father and a special ammunition. These bullets were derived from a Genoshan mutate's skin.[citation needed]

He later battled Black Air, including his old rival Scratch. He also began a romantic relationship with Shadowcat, much to Lockheed's disapproval.[citation needed]

Some team members worried that Kitty would only end up being hurt by the roguish Wisdom. Kitty's ex-boyfriend Colossus, having recently left the Acolytes, came to Muir Island seeking Kitty, and was shocked to spy her with Wisdom; not entirely in his right mind, he launched an unprovoked attack on Wisdom. The two came to blows and Colossus beat Wisdom almost to death, confining Wisdom to a wheelchair for some time. Though Wisdom was taken unawares and was drunk at the time, he managed to mount a defense which left Colossus in critical condition too.[citation needed]


Following his romance with Kitty, Wisdom encountered X-Force in Genosha. A short time later, he went on to create an independent espionage network to police the global intelligence community's treatment of mutants. As the new leader and mentor of X-Force, Wisdom, now sporting an eye-patch for fun, at one point seemed to have been killed by genetic terrorist Doctor Niles Roman, eventually His demise was subsequently exposed as a ruse, however.[citation needed]

During his X-force leading, he met Alistaire Stuart to discuss with him about Black Air's violations of the human right, especially about those to mutants. He then revealed to have bombed a Secret Service laboratory who desiccated Warpies, and blaming Stuart to haven't closed down this lab when he became the leader of the Office of Paranormal Activies.[citation needed] Wisdom subsequently joined British intelligence agency MI-13.[citation needed]


He was one of the few mutant to retain his powers after M-Day.[citation needed]

New Excalibur

Wisdom collaborated with Captain Britain, Sage, Juggernaut, Nocturne, Dazzler and others in battling the Dark X-Men, evil versions of the founding X-Men team and their mentor from an alternate reality. Subsequently, Wisdom called for the reformation of the team Excalibur, with the aforementioned as the prime members, even going so far as to procure a Home Secretary Decree indemnifying the Juggernaut of any crimes on British soil so that he could act as a full member of the team.[citation needed]


Since then, Pete has been appointed as field commander for MI-13. During one of its first missions, Wisdom was compelled to enter into an arranged marriage with a rogue fairy named Tink as part of a truce to stop a fairy invasion of Earth. [citation needed]


Peter Wisdom is a Mutant

Wisdom Power

"Hot Knives"

  • Hot Knives: Pete can absorb ambient heat and solar radiation, and release the absorbed energy from his fingertips as semi-solid energy projections called 'hot knives'. His Hot Knives are pure thermal energy, said to be as "hot as the surface of the sun". Pete can also use them to form shields to burn incoming missiles or to generate thermals beneath him as he falls to slow his descent. He can fire his hot knives as projectiles, or leave them attached to his fingertips like claws for close physical combat. Pete has excellent control of his knives, able to cause severe damage or just to stun. Pete can control the size and number of these knives, and with concentration, can make one of those "hot knives" last for a longer period of time as opposed to others.[3]


Skilled in espionage, intelligence-gathering and firearms.[3]


Various pistols.

  • Wisdom was romantically involved with Kitty Pryde for a while, a relationship controversial in fandom for its implied sexuality. (The Warren Ellis script which introduced the relationship between the two was far more explicit than what made it to press: Originally, the last panel in the issue in question was to have Shadowcat and Wisdom in bed together. After initially approving the scene, Marvel's editors got cold feet and the panel instead showed the couple exchanging a kiss in silhouette. Some later small touches that Ellis was able to include were Pete's reference to Kitty's feet being "like plates of ice" in bed, and an illustration of Kitty's bedroom with one of Pete's ties hanging on a bedpost.) The controversy of their relationship stems primarily from their disparate ages: Wisdom is said to be ten years older than Pryde (due to the vague nature of times passage in comic universes, Ellis chose to portray her as being in her early twenties, though other writers felt that she was still in her mid-to-late teens). The pair starred in the Pryde and Wisdom three-issue miniseries, which was also written by Ellis; this series also introduced Wisdom's sister Romany, as well as his father Harold, a retired Scotland Yard inspector. He had a somewhat antagonistic (though ultimately friendly) relationship with the other team members, particularly Lockheed, who was jealous of his relationship with Kitty. His relationship with Pryde eventually ended, and Wisdom left the team in issue 120.
  • After Excalibur dissolved, he was briefly affiliated with X-Force. His first appearance in this comic occurred in X-Force volume 1, issues 94 and 95, where he requested X-force's aid in recovering a cybernetic brain from Genosha, fighting Magneto in the process. Soon after, Warren Ellis became the 'plotmaster' of X-Force - Ian Edginton was the actual scripter, as part of the Counter-X rebranding of several second-tier X-titles (the others being Generation X and X-Man) - and Wisdom appeared as the new leader of the team beginning in issue 102. He acted as a mentor and showed the team members how to use their mutant powers in new ways. At the end of the first major story arc in issue 105, in which Romany Wisdom returned as a villain, Pete Wisdom was apparently murdered. He appeared in flashbacks in the next arc, these flashbacks taking place between issues 101 and 102. In issue 115 the remainder of X-Force (with the exception of Domino) were apparently killed, while Wisdom was revealed to still be alive. (Later, the rest of the X-Force team were revealed to have survived as well.) Wisdom's survival is apparently not known to any members of X-Force or Excalibur, and possibly the only person to know that he is alive is Alistaire Stuart, head of the British Intelligence organization "The Department".

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