Peter Wisdom was a British Intelligence agent who criticized the European Defense Initiative and its sister American superhero team, the Ultimates, for allowing superpowered people into revealing their identities and being treated as public celebrities, and strongly proposed a more serious secretive team.

Wisdom later developed a serum based on his "British Enhancile Program" and used it upon himself causing him to developed an overgrown cranium and possessing mental and telepathic powers, but paraplegic in the process.

Wisdom was then fired from Military Intelligence for his act. Wisdom later kidnapped Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to an isolated base area and attempted to steal Tony Stark's nanotechnology as Bruce Banner and Stark work together to try and incorporate it into Banner's physiology in the hopes that it will grant him control over his transformations into the Hulk.

When Stark commanded a decoy Iron-Tech robot into Wisdom's base, Banner transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk , however, resists Wisdom's influence and pounds him into the ground. Wisdom, almost dead, telepathically commands an F-22 Raptor jet aircraft down onto the Hulk, ultimately killing himself, but; the Hulk survived.


Psychic and mental abilities.


Pete Wisdom is wheelchair-bound and requires a halo brace to support the weight of his enlarged cranium.

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