Dr. Peter Vee was a saboteur that worked for the Nazis within the United States in the 1940s. In order to undermine American security he would organize a series of bombings. After bombing a dam, he would gain the attention of the FBI who would send their agent Curt Cowan (secretly the costumed hero known as Dynamic Man) to investigate. As the Dynamic Man, Cowan would learn the details of the plot and go after Vee.

However, Dr. Vee would be prepared for interlopers in his plans and booby-trap his house. As Dr. Vee escaped, he did not count on the Dynamic Man's powers being able to get him out of the traps and he soon caught up to Vee and his men as they attempted to flee the country aboard a boat. As the police arrived on the scene to deal with Dr. Vee's men, the Dynamic Man would grab Vee and toss him into the ocean.

Almost drowning, Vee would be recovered by the authorities and confess to his involvement in the bombings.[2]


Dr. Vee was a master planner and was able to build bombs.


Vee had a booby trapped home equipped with spiked walls that would close in on those trapped inside.

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