Peter Sazlo was a Romany (Gypsy) who lived in Europe where he honed his craft as a wood carver, while also indulging in his love of the works of William Shakespeare. By 1946 he had immigrated to the United States and set up a business as a professional woodcarver. However, despite his skill his carvings frightened away potential customers. With his business failing he attempted to get business from the local blacksmith, stage magician, and Chinese curo shop owner, all who refused to hire him.

Furious at this American "stupidity", Sazlo decided to take his woodcarving skill and love of Shakespeare and use it for crime as the Statue of Death. His first step was to place a challenge in the newspapers classified section, leaving a clue in the form of a quote from the play "King Richard III". The add was read by Captain America and Bucky who solved the clue and rushed to the local blacksmith's shop to find the blacksmith was murdered. They found that the Statue of Death left another clue, this time quoting "Hamlet" and traced the clue to the local theater where they prevented the Statue of Death from killing the stage magician. However, the Statue managed to escape, leaving another clue quoting the "Merchant of Venice".

Luring the heroes to the curio shop, the Statue of Death used it as a trap the two heroes. Leaving a trail of pages from a book of Shakespeare, the Statue left out a wood carved statue with a bomb inside near the mouth of a well. When Captain America and Bucky tackled the statue, thinking it was the real Statue of Death they fell into the well with the bomb. Sazlo then left them to die, however they were able to escape the pit just seconds before the bomb went off. When the Statue of Death went back to check on the heroes he was easily defeated and turned over to the police.[1]

His subsequent activities are unknown.


The Statue of Death was a skill wood carver.


Sazlo used a sword carved out of wood and had access to explosives to make time bombs.

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