This Peter Parker presumably shares a history with his 616 counterpart.

Spider-Man Earth-TRN017

Spider-Man fought Symbiotes

When a symbiote invasion struck New York, Spider-Man searched for Venom, believing him responsible for the invasion. While searching, Spidey found himself infected with the symbiote, but due this is not his first contact he managed to keep it under control and use the powers of it for his advantage. Venom managed to evade Spider-Man, until the two met in the sewers. Venom fled, entering the symbiotes' hive. Spider-Man followed Venom, until at the docks, Spidey met Black Cat, who informed him about Nightcrawler saving citizens at the sewers and Green Goblin trying to destroy more symbiotes with bombs. After helping one of both, Spider-Man continued his search destroying more super-symbiotes. Again, Spider-Man had to decide to help Green Goblin or Nightcrawler, as soon as he helped one of them, Spider-Man headed to the symbiote's hive, where he found Venom, and the two fought. Spider-Man defeated Venom, who revealed that he was not responsible for the invasion, and that Spider-Man was not fighting an army of symbiotes, but one symbiote that had managed to divide itself. With Venom too weak to help Spider-Man, Spider-Man continued on to fight the Symbiote King itself.



Spider-Man decided to either help Nightcrawler twice or to help each of them (Nightcrawler & Green Goblin) once. After the battle with the Symbiote King, Spider-Man escaped from a collapsing hive. Then, Spidey witnessed how every citizen came back to normality, even himself.


Spider-Man decided to only help the Green Goblin. After the battle with the Symbiote King, Spider-Man escaped from a collapsing hive. Then, a black-suited Spider-Man discovered that he'd taken upon the place of the Symbiote King as rules of New York and saw how every citizen, now infected, worshipped him. He then said that with great power just comes a lot of power.


Spider-Man possesses all of the powers of his 616 counterpart.


Web-Shooters; formerly symbiote costume



Spider-Man of Earth-616

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