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Spider-Monkey was a spider monkey who was the Marvel Apes universe counterpart of Spider-Man. Unlike his human counterpart, Spider-Monkey was more egotistical, naive, and a bit more accepting of the world around him. Spider-Monkey also had no problem with killing those who did not want to reform, as the justice system of his world says that if a villain does not reform, they must be killed. Spider-Monkey is first seen fighting against Doctor Ooktavius, who Gibbon helped to defeat. Spider-Monkey is later seen at Doctor Ooktavius' trial, and he was one of the Ape-Vengers who beat him to death after he refused to reform.

He was later recruited into the army of spider-heroes that Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) was building to fight off the Inheritors.[1]


Spider-Monkey later moved to Earth-13 along with the rest of Otto's army to join a bigger group of spider-heroes gathered by Spider-UK.[2]

When the Inheritors attacked Earth-13, Spider-Monkey was killed by Jennix.[3]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616 combined with those of a monkey.



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