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Generally the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. Spidey teamed up with many heroes and battled Doctor Doom many times.


Peter was later joined the Spider-Army to oppose the Inheritors on Earth-001.


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Spider-Man's Web-Shooters

  • Based on the Spidey segments from the TV series Electric Company.
  • In 1974, following the debut of Spider-Man on The Electric Company, Marvel Comics launched Spidey Super Stories. Aimed at younger readers, the series featured Spider-Man, his friends, and regular rogues gallery, as well as guest appearances by other heroes, mingling with Electric Company characters like Rita the director, Easy Reader, and Fargo North, Decoder.
  • It is implied that this Spider-Man or an extremely similar counterpart joined the battle against the Inheritors, with one of the Spider-Men fighting against them noting that one of his counterparts "kept trying to teach (him) English."[1]

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