Quote1 I once fought a guy named Thanos. Huge ugly purple dude. Literally killed gazillions of people. I stood on the deck of his ship and I punched that guy in the face. And still... still, I'd never truly seen evil until I stood on a bridge in my hometown and looked into the eyes of a man I'd known most of my life. Quote2
-- Peter Parker src
Peter Parker (Earth-22191) from Spider-Verse Vol 2 4 (cover)


Spider-Man presumably had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart, except that Norman Osborn got away after Gwen Stacy death.[1]

Later, Peter would lose powers and retire. However, Peter would be confronted by an alternate Peter, asking for help against Osborn. He would go to Mount Olivet Cemetery to find Spider-Woman, an alternate Gwen. Together, they crafted a plan to expose Norman as a madman.[2]

When Norman got to the George Washington Bridge, Peter led him on a chase throughout Arachnia. Inevitability, Peter was captured by Norman and brought back to Ozcorp Tower. Norman would discover that the Warriors of the Great Web had used an Ozcorp machine connected to the Web of Life and Destiny to defeat Thor. He then tried to use the machine, but Peter would sabotage his efforts, giving Norman brain damage. Peter subsequently joined the Web-Warriors to keep order in Arachnia.[3]


None; formerly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616.


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