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Spider was the red-headed Peter Parker, a mass murderer who merged with the Carnage symbiote. As a sociopath who "liked hurting people", Peter had a sense of humor akin to Deadpool.[2] In the course of his criminal career, he was sentenced to 67 consecutive life sentences by a jury.[3]

He was drafted by the Timebreakers into Weapon X.[2]

He replaced Daredevil after it was presumed the Timebroker had sent him back home. When Hyperion (Earth-4023) became a member and de facto leader of Weapon X, Spider joined him in his cause to conquer multiple realities. Peter was subsequently killed by Firestar (Earth-3062) with a mega-blast from her powers,[4] in 2005.[5]

Earth-15 from Exiles Vol 1 83 0001

He was buried in the prison cemetery of his home reality.[5]


Similar to those of Carnage, with the addition of Spider-Man's powers.


Seemingly those of the Peter Parker of Earth-616


The Carnage symbiote, like the rest of its species, is vulnerable to heat and sonic based attacks

  • Peter looks as though he is no more than fourteen years old when he has his mask off, but his grave said he was forty-two when he died. This may be due to the implication that the Exiles and Weapon X members seem not to age while serving on their respective teams.

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