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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 66


Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 66

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Appearing in "Electro Will Be Free"Edit

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Synopsis for "Electro Will Be Free"Edit

At Ryker's Island maximum security prison, Electro manages to escape when a metal canister accidentally touches him giving him enough conduction to break free. As Electro rampages across the city, Peter Parker has a study date with Marcy Kane. However, Peter abruptly leaves Marcy's apartment when he realizes that Electro is back on the loose.

Spider-Man is unprepared for Electro's boosted powers, and is easily defeated and nearly electrocuted to death, but manages to escape within an inch of his life. Witnessing the battle, J. Jonah Jameson assumes that Spider-Man was killed in the battle and rushes to press the story of his dreams: Spider-Man Dead!
Spider-Man manages to reach his apartment and develops a specially insulated costume. Going back out to fight Electro, Electro threatens innocent civilians in front of Broadway. However, Spider-Man offers up his life in exchange for the bystanders. Taking Electro's hand, Spider-Man takes advantage of the fact that Electro hasn't realized that his costume is insulated and manages to lay a knock-out punch on Electro.

As Spider-Man hands over Electro to the authorities, news about Spider-Man's survival reaches the presses making J. Jonah Jameson a laughing stock. It's a bitter victory for Peter who once again has put his social life in upheaval while keeping up his responsibilities as Spider-Man.

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