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As Peter begins a new semester as a teachers assistant, the Ringer breaks into the Tinkerer's lab (which is being investigated by the police) trying to steal some new weapons to advance his own criminal career. He runs into another criminal who overpowers the Ringer, and takes him and a crate as part of a new plan.

Meanwhile, Peter spends time in the T.A.'s office where Marcy Kane gets back at Steve for his earlier prank and shows off her new hairstyle. Peter makes up with Debra and asks her out for dinner.

That night swinging through the city as Spider-Man, Peter is attacked by the Ringer who's armor has been rigged by the other criminal to measure Spider-Man's performance in battle. Spider-Man manages to fight off the Ringer and slip away in enough time to make it for his date with Debra.

After their date is over, Spider-Man goes back out to find the Ringer, and succeeds in finding him. When the mystery villain is satisfied that he has all the data he needs to battle Spider-Man, he causes the Ringer's armor to malfunction, allowing Spider-Man to easily defeat the Ringer and turn him over to the police.

Later the criminal, revealed as the Beetle, puts on what he sought at the Tinkerer's lab: A brand new suit of Beetle armor. This story is continued next issue....

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