Quote1 Don't go away Toy-- I need you! Friends don't leave each other! If you go away , I'll be all alone... I don't want to be alone... I don't want to be alone... Quote2
-- The Tinkerer on the death of Toy.

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When witnessing a woman about to jump off the ledge of a building, Peter Parker is forced to act fast and so makes a makeshift mask out of his webbing to save the girl. However, in doing so the woman and the police officer that is trying to stop her to fall off the building. Peter saves their lives, and then goes into the building she came from to find that it's being ransacked by a tall muscular man (The Tinkerer's invention dubbed "Toy".)
Toy manages to over power Peter, but Peter manages to tag him with a spider-tracer before the robot can flee. Changing into his Spider-Man costume, Peter goes after Toy and traces him to the Tinkerer's lab. There Spider-Man battles Toy and the Tinkerer until Toy is damaged and deactivated. The distraught Tinkerer ceases his battle with Spider-Man to beg the deactivated robot to come back to life. Feeling pity for the Tinkerer, Spider-Man leaves him there to mourn the loss of his invention.

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