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  • Hitman's Motorbike

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Continued from last issue... The Vulture is about to finish off Spider-Man when he is interrupted by the Hitman -- hired by mobster Mr. Morgan to rob the Vulture of his desire to get revenge against Spider-Man. However, as the Hitman and Vulture fight it out, Spider-Man manages to escape. Realizing that Spider-Man is gone, the Vulture leaves as well, but not before the Hitman tags both of them with tracers.

After trying to see Sha Shan again and being rebuffed once more, Flash and Mary Jane go to visit Peter Parker. Peter quickly has to cover his Spider-Man costume which he was wearing while trying to thaw out his street clothes. Peter sees the two out, so that he can go out and try and find the Vulture once more. This leads him to the Vulture and sets the Hitman out to try and kill him as well.

However, as Spider-Man and the Vulture fight at a construction site, Spider-Man is dangling from a web and caught in the sights of Hitman's gun. However, before the Hitman can shoot Spider-Man, the Vulture gets in the way and his flight device is destroyed, sending him falling to the ground. Spider-Man tries to go after the Hitman, but finds that he has fled.

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