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While out on a date with Debra Whitman, Peter Parker hears a story about Spider-Man's apparent attack on a famous fashion designer which lead to the death of her bodyguard. Peter ends his date to check out what's going on, using his press credentials with the Daily Globe to get the inside story. However, based on the story he hears, the only person whose powers match what he's heard is the Prowler.

Paying a visit to Hobie Brown as Spider-Man, Peter learns that Hobie had retired his Prowler identity after an unsuccessful attempt at joining the Defenders. When he checks his storage locker where he kept the Prowler costume, the two find that it has been stolen.

Spider-Man goes out on the look out for this new Prowler who turns out to be Spider-Man's old foe the Cat, who is now in the employ of Belladonna who had hired him to try and attack her apartment to take suspicion off her for a series of fashion related thefts.

After visiting his Aunt May and her new fiance Nathan Lubensky, and ending another date with Debra, Peter resumes his search for the new Prowler. After a fight in a fashion studio, the two end up getting stuck in a trap room set up by Belladonna herself. She begins filling the room with a toxic gas in the hopes of killing both the Prowler and Spider-Man.

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