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The Cobra has finally found a way to break out of prison, leaving his former partner, Mr. Hyde to rot in his cell. Meanwhile, Peter Parker is spending another busy day as a Teachers Assistant at Empire State University. Setting up a date with Debra Whitman, and dealing with students that are far from perfect.

Later while on patrol as Spider-Man, Peter happens upon the Cobra as he's robbing a jewelry store and tries to stop him. Lt. Kris Keating shows up with a group of NYPD officers to try and capture the Cobra, using force enough to hamper Spider-Man's attempt to capture him. In spite of this, Spider-Man manages to stop the Cobra and hand him over to Keating, who goes on a tirade about how he doesn't need costumed super-heroes around to do his job for him, when one of his men informs him that the Cobra managed to escape. Spider-Man departs, likening Keating to J. Jonah Jameson.

While Mr. Hyde is abandoned by his longtime partner here, he is soon extricated from prison by Batroc in Captain America #251. Hyde will harbor a desire for revenge on Cobra, enough to crash a tanker full of liquified natural gas into Manhattan in an effort to immolate his traitorous partner.

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