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Having missed the deadline for one of his papers, Spider-Man sneaks into his professor's office and uses his spider powers in order to sneak in his paper unnoticed, so that they will be marked. When the Meteor Man attacks the ESU Colosseum in order to steal a device on display to boost his powers, it attracts the attention of Spider-Man, and Giant Man (who has been on location giving a lecture under his civilian identity of Bill Foster.)
The Meteor Man manages to escape, however not before he is tagged with a spider-tracer. Spider-Man and Giant Man go after the Meteor Man and find out that he has built a device that channels the powers of stolen meteors into his body. This causes him to grow to gigantic size, and give Giant Man and Spider-Man a good fight. However, when the transmitter device malfunctions, the resulting overload of power causes the Meteor Man to seemingly be destroyed in the resulting explosion.

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