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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 32


Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 32

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Appearing in "A Zoo Story"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Zoo Story"Edit

Returning to his apartment following his battle against Carrion, Peter is surprised to find that his friends have come and fixed the place up in his absence. When Glory comes by to give him another plant, Peter has to act quick to hide his Spider-Man costume. That night, a security guard patrolling ESU's administrative wing is attacked by a giant lizard.

The next day when Peter shows up for school he ends up literally running into his new professor Morris Sloan and his fellow teachers assistant Marcy Kane. Morris and Kane are less than impressed with the first impressions that Parker makes. When Peter is showing Marcy around the campus they notice a bright flash of light from Curt Connor's lab and find him knocked out by his Enervator device. Peter notes that Connors has a small iguana in a cage in his lab.

Later, when Connors takes a class of students to the Bronx Zoo, Connors (Who has brought the lizard along with him) begins to act strange and leaves the students. Peter, suspicious that Connors may be turning into the Lizard once more, follows after him but is barred from entering the Zoo's house of darkness. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter gets into the house, where he is attacked by a giant lizard. However, when Peter gets a closer look at the monster it's not the Lizard at all, but a new reptile called the Iguana who has the unconscious Curt Connors at his feet.

This story is continued next issue...

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