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Continued from last issue...

Wilson Fisk is shown sparring with Spider-Man & Black Cat look-a-Likes. Fisk ends the session, declaring that the exercise is futile because the doubles are not as good as the real heroes. He then goes on to check on Johnathan Ohnn who is trying to learn the secret behind Cloak's power. His goal is to find some indication of source of Dagger's power, hoping to use it to heal the ailing Vanessa Fisk. After a brief conversation, Fisk leaves and goes to check on his ill wife.

The action then shifts to Peter Parker's apartment where Candi, Randi & Bambi are heading off to the beach. The women wonder if they should invite Parker to go with them, but decide against it. Peter is shown tossing and turning and we are shown his nightmare.

In the nightmare, he is walking down a black path with Mary Jane Watson & Black Cat. He then sinks into the path and it turns into the Symbiote. As Peter frantically tries to pull the symbiote off, he is awakened by a phone call from Sha Shan.

Sha Shan tells him that Flash has been distant recently and she asks Peter if he can follow him. Peter agrees, and (as Spider-Man) discovers that Flash is trying out to be a professional football quarterback. Spider-Man also learns that Flash is seeing Betty Leeds. Unbeknownst to Peter, the Symbiote is also swinging through the city using a host body.

Night comes and Spider-Man decides to take on the Kingpin himself, but Black Cat has the same plan, despite their earlier discussion to do it on a different night.

Spider-Man arrives at Kingpin's hideout first and encounters the Spot. Midway through thier fight, Black Cat arrives and sneakily gets by without being noticed by either the Spot or Spider-Man's Spider Sense.

While this is happening, the Symbiote leaves the host body and crawls up a building into Peter Parker's Apartment.

Black Cat infiltrates the Kingpin's hideout and takes out some of Kingpin's guards. When Black Cat finds the Kingpin, he tells her that he wants revenge on her for stealing a detonator for a nuclear device. He also informs her that he was responsible for giving her the bad luck powers that she has, which will make her lover Spider-Man clumsier and weaker the more time she spends with him. Black Cat flees, weighing her options.

Spider-Man defeats the Spot, then goes to see the Kingpin to make sure he leaves the Black Cat alone. Kingpin and Spider-Man fight to a standstill until Kingpin presses a button that summons the police.

Spider-Man flees to the roof and sees Black Cat is still there. Spider-Man breaks up with her, stating that he can't always be Spider-Man and that he knows that Black Cat does not love Peter Parker. Felicia is hurt but tells him that it's fine with her.

Later, Peter Parker tries to relax back at his apartment but can't. He decides to go swinging across the city, but as he grabs for his red and blue costume the Symbiote reaches out to him.

Continues in Web of Spider-Man #1

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